Class Descriptions

Yoga for Every-body

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

The teaching style for this class is adapted for those in attendance.  When beginners are present the detail of instruction is more pronounced, allowing new students to easily follow class.  Typically, this is a moderately paced class which emphasizes focused breathing an a mindful awareness of your body.  This emphasis makes these classes a joyful, meditative exploration of yourself in the present moment. Students find this class to be very relaxing and revitalizing.


Yoga 101

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

 Join us to learn and understand the fundamentals of yoga and experience the yoga bliss you've always heard about.  If you have a body, you can do yoga.  This simple, accessible practice will help relax tension and anxiety by working on breathing techniques.  Together we will build simple, easy stretches to exercise the body with out high impact.  


Mindful Stretch Yoga

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

Mindful Stretch Yoga is  a slow, soft, subtle yoga practice for peace, mindfulness and presence. Using a combination of gentle stretches and mindful breathing to warm up the body and spine, this relaxed, non-vigorous approach to yoga is accessible to every body. Beginners are encouraged and welcome! Mindful stretch is an excellent place to see the astounding benefits of yoga for all. Primarily floor based exercises with longer holds we may introduce yin or restorative postures throughout the practice ending with a deeply relaxing yoga nidra (meditation) and extended savasana (restful state). Relax and unwind, punctuate your busy work week and float into your weekend in peace.  This non-vigorous floor based class focuses on passive stretching, longer holds and the assistance of props, bolsters and blankets. This unique style of yoga promotes healthy joints, good digestion and clarity of mind. 


Gentle Flow Yoga

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

Gentle flow or gentle yoga is a softer approach to yoga. While the poses flow together, the nature of it is much slower in pace and gentle in practice. It is the in between of keeping active while still maintaining a peaceful and joy filled practice. Less strain for mind and body helps you stretch your muscles and develop your body, while improving your muscle tone and increasing flexibility.


Yoga Nidra

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, similar to the "going-to- sleep" stage.  It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the student or practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of their inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.  This state of consciousness (yoga nidra) is different from meditation in which concentration on a single focus is intended and encouraged by the teacher.



60 minutes: $10

Kids Yoga is a form of yoga that is designed specifically for children. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. Classes are intended to be fun and may include age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.

The benefits for children are similar to those for adults. Emotional benefits include greater optimism and a less reactive nature. Mental benefits include increased focus, concentration and improvements in the quality of sleep, have been reported.

Academic performance has been noted to improve along with confidence in physical abilities. Yoga is used for treatment of children with special needs. Yoga is used to aid conventional medical treatment.


Sound Meditation

60 minutes: $15 drop-in

Sound Meditation is rooted in Nada Yoga Nidra or "union through sound."  It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.  Each session involves shavasana (lying down meditation) accompanied by the sound of Himalayan singing bowls.  As we shift awareness to the song of the bowls, we enter into meditation, and our entire being begins to purify and harmonize by the sound vibrations.


Individual Yoga Therapy

90 Minutes: $90

Yoga Therapy uses a custom-tailored approach to improving your body awareness and movement skills. Combining problem-solving, guided-discovery, and exploratory methods, this practice inevitably leads to a stronger connection between the mind and body, creating a more natural and graceful experience of movement and interaction with other people.