Meet our Team

Jillian Leonard-Bouley

Miss Jill is a Certified Kidding Around Yoga Teacher.  She has been practicing yoga for years and is excited to bring this positive energy to children ages 2-12! The motto of Kidding Around Yoga is “May the whole world be filled with peace and joy, love and light, and lots of peaceful children!”.

Miss Jill has worked with kids of all ages for many years! She is a first grade teacher in an inclusion classroom and works with students with autism.





Anita holds advanced 500 hour certification in Yoga Therapy from Integrative Yoga Therapy and is currently working on the completion of her Yoga Therapy Certification (1000 hour). She is also a certified irest, yoga nidra, practitioner, and is currently a student of Positional Yoga Therapy.






Jessica Amsden

Jessica brings to our community a slow, soft, subtle yoga practice for peace, mindfulness and presence.

Starting at the age of 12, Jessica was intrigued by Buddhist philosophy and the perpetual compassion of loving kindness practice. Delving deep into theology and spiritual intellectual pursuits in her free time Jessica became inspired by modern leaders like Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Eckhardt Tolle, Gary Zukov, Miguel Ruiz. An eternal optimist, she dreamed of one day having a spiritual community lead the world to deep and lasting peace. Introduced to a physical asana practice in her 20's yoga was an on again, off again relationship. When life's challenges were overwhelming the call of the mat was strong and the peace and centering that yoga produced was immediate and lasting, but busy lives and the demands of children and business would call stronger and imbalances would finally catch up with her. In 2018 after an exceptional bout with illness Jessica embraced fully to her asana practice with unprecedented commitment. Completing Vinyasa training at Raffa Yoga & Urban Sweat Jessica envisions sharing the healing power of yoga with everyone. "My mentor and teacher would continually remind me that 'We cannot serve others from an empty cup' and I see now why I was never able to keep a commitment to my self. I heavily weighed the demands of others over placing value on my own time. Yoga has become MY TIME. That commitment to myself has made me a better mother and leader. Making space for myself and my practice has been the greatest investment I've ever made and every other part of my life is flourishing as a result of this simple, deeply satisfying practice. This is a gift that everyone deserves."